Unfortunately, cracked and uneven floor tile are often the result of severe issues inside the bathroom sub-floors that have caused the tiles to shift and loosen up. Initially the grout lines will begin to crack and the grout will become loose. After this occurs, then the tile itself will begin to crack and shift. This often occurs within 6 to 12 months after installation. Moreover, any “squeaks” that are present will become more audible after the new tile is installed. It is nearly impossible to think that the cement backer board and tile will mask or cover up the “squeaking” sound. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to install any type of screws, nails or devices that go through the carpet or flooring as this will often times cause internal structural damage to the framing members and can puncture water pipes, gas lines and other utilities that are running underneath the surface of the sub-floor in the bathrooms. Additionally, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use any type of “self-leveling” compounds to correct any leveling issues. The reason is that over time these compounds will become to crack and crumble because of the deflection in the thin plywood sub-floor and movement of the framing members. As the compound crumbles this will create noises that will begin to sound like bubble wrap and crunching sounds like potato chips. The Squeaky Floor Doctor NEVER uses any type of self-leveling compounds in any of our retrofit systems.
The Squeaky Floor Doctor has designed and engineered the ProFloor 2100 and 2200 Systems to retrofit your existing sub-floors into a rock solid floor that is level and secure. Upon completion of this process, you will be able to have your favorite tile, stone, or even wood laminate flooring installed knowing that these materials will never shift nor crack. The Squeaky Floor Doctor strongly recommends NOT installing any tile or wood laminate flooring over any uneven or squeaking sub-floors as this often voids the manufactures warranty and causes the problems described above. It is also recommended that potential customers contact The Squeaky Floor Doctor for a consultation to assess and analyze your particular situation to come up with the best course of action. After the retrofit process has been completed, you’ll be rest assured knowing that the workmanship and craftsmanship is of the highest quality in the industry and will provide many years of enjoyment and peace of mind for our customer.