If your home is older than 50 to 60 years, it is likely that you have a raised foundation.*  Also, if you live on a hillside or tri-level home, a portion of your home may include a raised foundation.  Unfortunately, over time the piers that support the 4” X 6” girders will rise in some portions of the home and sink in other areas.  For example, in the kitchen or bathroom, this movement is extremely dangerous because of all the pressurized plumbing lines and drain pipes.  As the piers move and shift, the sub-floor will begin to rise and fall and subsequently exert pressure on the plumbing and will ultimately fail and leak.  In some cases, the plumbing can leak for months or years without the owner being aware and will cause the soil in highly expansive areas to heave and eventually cause the floors to buckle under the stress.  Especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, the tile will crack or the wood flooring will buckle and will cause incessant squeaking.  Installing large nails, screws or devices that go through the flooring will do nothing to cure the “squeak” and is a waste of time and effort.  Going underneath the sub-floor and installing devices or shims is also a lot of work and will not permanently solve the problems and is a waste of time, effort, and money.

The Squeaky Floor Doctor has designed and engineered the ProFloor 2200 System to be a guaranteed solution that consists of cutting out and removing your entire sub-floor, retrofit your existing frame, level the framing, and install a new layer of sub-flooring.  When this type of permanent solution is considered you do no have to do the entire house.  However, depending on which room you do, you should do that room completely from wall to wall.  After the Squeaky Floor Doctor has completed the retrofit, you’ll be able to install your favorite tile or wood laminate flooring knowing that the sub-floor is level and rock solid and you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.  The Squeaky Floor Doctor will provide you with their iron clad 50-year transferable warranty upon completion of the job.

*On homes that have solid oak flooring or other types of hardwood floors, our repair method will not work unless you are willing to sacrifice your hardwood floors and you will have to consider an alternative flooring material after The Squeaky Floor Doctor retrofits your sub-floor.  The Squeaky Floor Doctor's retrofit system works best if your sub-floor was constructed with 1” X 6” boards at a 45 degree angle, 2” X 6” tongue and groove planks, or a plywood sub-floor.