Uneven and sagging sub-floors are often the result of outdated construction practices and are nearly impossible to correct.  Many times handyman, homeowners and other repairman have attempted to silence the loud incessant “squeaking” sounds by adding a layer of ¾” plywood over the existing sub-floor and glued and screwed into place.  Afterwards, the noises are the same and in many cases they are worse.  Often times because of these outdated construction methods the sub-floors will develop large humps or dips.  It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to install any type of screws, nails or devices that go through the carpet or sub-flooring as this will often times cause internal damage to the framing members and can puncture water pipes, gas lines and other utilities that are running ok underneath the surface of the sub-floor throughout the entire second floor.  Cutting or puncturing a gas line can cause serious injury or even death.

The Squeaky Floor Doctor does NOT RECOMMEND using any type of “self leveling” compounds to correct any leveling issues.  The reason is that over time these compounds will begin to crack and crumble because of the deflection in the thin plywood sub-floor and movement of the framing members.  As the compound crumbles, this will create noises that will begin to sound like bubble wrap and crunching sounds like potato chips.  If you have installed tile or wood flooring over these “self-leveling” compounds, it will cause your tiles to crack and the wood floors will begin to buckle.

The Squeaky Floor Doctor has designed and engineered the ProFloor 2100, 2200 and 3000 Systems to retrofit your existing sub-floors into a rock solid floor, squeak-free, smooth and level for many years of enjoyment.  The Squeaky Floor Doctor's warranty provides coverage and protection that the large humps and dips will NEVER re-appear.  The second story floor of two-story homes built since 1965 qualify to have this system installed.  Homes older than 1965 will have their floors evaluated on a case-by-case basis for the most appropriate repair method.  Upon completion of the retrofit, The Squeaky Floor Doctor will professionally stretch and re-install your existing padding and carpets if you are keeping your existing carpeting.  The Squeaky Floor Doctor never uses any type of self-leveling compounds.