Installing large screws, nails or devices that go through the carpeting is generally a waste of time and effort.  This is because the “squeaks” are located internally in the framing members and just tightening the stair treads to the stair stringers will do nothing to eliminate the squeaks.  Incessant “squeaks” in your staircase are nearly impossible to fix without disassembling a good portion of the staircase to get to the structural framing members.

The Squeaky Floor Doctor has designed and engineered a proprietary system to rebuild the staircase and landing to feel rock solid and is guaranteed for life.  There are three basic shapes to staircases that include the following:  circular shaped, straight, and “L” or “U” shaped. Depending on which shape of staircase you have in your home, The Squeaky Floor Doctor will custom design a repair solution that will take into account what you’re trying to achieve.  Some customers desire to install wood laminate flooring, stone or tile on their staircases.  It is absolutely critical to have a rock solid surface to install these materials otherwise the wood laminate will creak and crackle and cause the wood laminate to prematurely wear out and normally will void the manufactures warranty.  If you would like to install tile or stone on your stairs or landing, it is highly recommended that you consult with The Squeaky Floor Doctor to design and engineer an appropriate repair solution that will take into account the substantial additional weight so that tile or stone will not crack.  Moreover, you want to be certain the structural integrity of the staircase will support the additional weight and mass.  The Squeaky Floor Doctor can assist you in designing an appropriate repair solution that will provide peace and quiet for your enjoyment and like all of our work, it comes with our ironclad Lifetime Warranty.